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When looking down at the ball the head gives a very confident and inspiring look which by the end of my demo period I really started to like. The feel is great at impact love at first swing.

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They are sending me a new Razr X Black to replace the Edge! Do You think the original Razr Fit driver not the xtreme is just as good as anything being released today?

The black crown is free of any alignment aids. The best part of this driver in my opinion is the value for the dollar that this driver provides. The ball speed is robust across the face, the looks are great, and the sound will make your playing partners jealous when you pure one.

Beautiful looking club though. It definitely is a nice swinging club. You can also see that the landing angle of this club is not overly high so it was definitely not ballooning.

Matt is a golf instructor, club fitter, and writer living in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. When I first picked up the driver I was a bit concerned it would be too light but after swinging it, I am no longer concerned with the weight of the club.

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They suggested magic marker or a trade for a new one with a charge. At my local golf store this club is on the shelf, but there are not very many on display because it is selling quite well.

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If you love this club, but the accuracy is a concern, order it an inch shorter, as there is more than enough distance here. Other then that we could keep making shafts longer and longer to get more distance while sacrificing accuracy which is not for me. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Callaway promptly returned a brand new one to me. My guess, based on absolutely nothing, pcbx520 a2 drivers for windows mac is that Callaway will go back to the drawing board and completely retool their adjustability system in the very near future. Callaway has gone through a bit of a lull but I think with the latest line of drivers they are coming on strong.

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For me, having the driver balloon in the air is a big issue that I want to avoid. The clubs are very forgiving and I would not hesitate in recommending these clubs to mid-handicappers. The black, red, and grey make for an outstanding contrast and a very powerful look to the head. When I handed the club off to playing partners almost everyone hit the fairway and was surprised how forgiving the driver is.

Are you testing the Callaway Razr Hawk Tour as well? That aside, I have been really excited about this driver for some time. As I will discuss the clubhead when holding it does feel on the light side, but when being swung it does not feel overly light compared to other drivers. Just won this driver at a tournament.

Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window. It does feel a bit light when you pick it up but it feels very solid when striking the ball. Volume Three Hundred Twelve. Mis-hits still have quite a bit of pop, and while playing toe hits and heel hits where not big differences from center hits. Oh to be able to test drive this baby!

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Took it out to the range to see how it performs. During the Trackman session I did hit some massive left shots which I thought were due to the closed face but now finding out the face is open a bit, I guess it was just a lousy swing. Incidentally, perceived forgiveness scores seem to alway shake out on the low end, which tells me that consumers may have unreasonable expectations about forgiveness and consistency.

The clubhead is built to have a very shallow face which means they can put the size of the clubhead into the width of the club, giving it a very confidence inspiring size when looking down on it. This is a good indicator of what this club can do.

My problem is with the top edge of the face. Volume Three Hundred Thirteen. Your email address will not be published. The ball sounds good off the face, and it is one of the most forgiving on mishits. Carbon Fiber is the ideal material, where it is light enough to increase your swing speed, but durable enough to not be damaged while in your golf club.