Hp Laserjet 4v 4mv Postscript Driver For Windows

Push to the front while tilting the front edge upward to clear retaining tabs. Install the personality that matches the personality of the files you are sending, together with enough memory to support that personality. Lift it upward and out of the printer. When you make another personality the default, the printer stops switching personalities automatically unless a software command specifically instructs it to do so.

Check the Toner Cartridge. Do not touch the transfer roller with your fingers. The procedure for setting the serial number is similar to setting the page count. High voltage power supply circuit is defective not supplying the correct negative voltage. Removal of the left end of the Registration Roller is described below.

Memory Configuration Menu. Other than the covers, the Main Motor assembly does not require removal of any other assemblies. If it is properly seated, it will not lift away from the slot. Warranty Statement Warranty This warranty gives specific legal rights. Shake the cartridge gently to redistribute the toner, or replace the cartridge.

Do not use solvents or ammonia-based cleaners. Envelope adhesive must be compatible with the heat and pressure of the fusing process. Therefore, using toner cartridge weight may be an unreliable indication of remaining toner supply. Information about the current configuration appears here.

If not, replace the Fusing Assembly. You can change these menu items only from the control panel. Operation of non-supported printing media.

First Page after receipt of data. Paper feeds automatically. Be sure that the non-gear end of the shaft is to the right. When replacing the screws holding the spring retainer plates, rock the plates toward the rear and hold them flat while inserting and starting the screws.

Ensure that the paper is within the specifications. Image Formation Block Diagram.

All I know is somehow you need to get to a point in trying to add a printer where it asks for a driver, and you click on Have Disk and browse accordingly as I posted above. Only download this driver. Figure shows the difference between a Phillips and a Pozidriv screwdriver. You don't try to add the printer from the list in Windows.

HP LaserJet 4V / 4MV (CA / CA)

Printing a Self Test Page. For example, a request from your software to print three copies instead of the control panel default value of one copy is a temporary setting. If you find a defect that is not illustrated, record the probable cause along with the printing environmental conditions and save a copy of the defect for future reference.

Printing from the Optional Lower Cassette When printing from the optional lower cassette, any of the sheet paper cassettes must also be in place. Refilled Toner Cartridges. Menu items vary depending on options installed and configuration of other menu choices.

HP parts available for C3142A HP LaserJet 4MV Printer

Unfortunately, I am not that well versed in how to add a printer not in the windows database. This process consists of applying a uniform negative charge on the surface of the drum with the primary charging roller, located in the toner cartridge. Be careful to align the tabs at the front of the Control Panel into their alignment holes.

Previous LaserJet family printers could safely print on label stock with exposed spaces running lengthwise down the sheet. When options such as the PostScript language are installed in the printer, gumstix robostix driver new menus or menu items automatically are added in the appropriate menus.

The toner cartridge contains the printing mechanism and a supply of toner. Gears are worn, causing slippage or jumping.


The toner cartridge contains the photosensitive drum, primary charging roller, developing station, toner cavity, and cleaning station. High Voltage System Checks. Damage to the printer may result. Clearable Warning Messages. This can occur even when the printer is off-line.

The Bi-Tronics parallel port will continue to operate normally. Repeat this step until successful.

It must slide underneath the bushing on the rear Transfer Roller as you carefully ease the left retaining arm and left Registration Roller bushing back into place. Make sure that the spring retaining plate locating pin is inserted through the hole in the chassis. The underlined character denotes the cursor position. Printer Message Troubleshooting. Printer Functional Block Diagram.

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If the circumference of the lower fusing Pressure Roller problem persists, replace the Fusing Assembly. Align the cover locking pins with the holes in the formatter board. Memory Configuration Menu items can be selected only from the printer control panel. The printer will substitute fonts if necessary.

If not, the toner cartridge may be placed in a dark environment for several days, which may restore some life to the drum. User Installable Accessories. It houses the cleaning, conditioning, and developing steps of the process.