Ildvr 3000h4c8 Driver

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Click the button to delete all the video clips. The filename is the name you entered in the dialog box. If the clip file is saved in other folder, it will to end video clip.

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Select a time from Idle Time dropdown list. If not checked, it is still possible to view the overlay text in the Search and Remote Monitor. It must be different than the recorded image size. In this interface you can add new field or delete an existing field and change the displaying alphabet orders. Actually displaying field name on screen.

Grey color means this camera has no record video in the searching day. In the Search interface, press the button to bring up the Windows Open dialog interface.

Click it again to turn off. Enable or disable attached alarm camera picture. Then you must locate and open the picture saved in the above section.

If you add one camera into two different groups, the first operation will be voided. Set alarm controller and connecting port. Enable or disable the audio monitor in preview mode. If you setup groups with conflicting camera, then only the final setup is going to work. That means that the higher priority rule will be executed.

Ildvr IP camera URL

Select the date format you would like to use. Check Alarm is different from Motion Detect Record.

Picture auto save as following path. Align the playing time Press the button to synchronize all of the cameras to play at the same time marker. Default setting is set to full screen. Clicking it will change it to Green color and this means this camera has begun to record video.

Select which camera responds with this sensor group. Only Administrator can enter User Manage Interface and have the power of user management Set new user password or change a user password.

One group of cameras uses one schedule. Adjust the motion detect sensitivity scale. Select enable if you want to enable the camera to record. This feature has variety usage to integrate with other devices.

Setup default video standard. Enter the second recipient mailbox address here. Default is on top of the screen. That means high priority rule will be executed. Set Main-screen auto-switch interval time in seconds.

Click this button to rename a field. Input the Email subject here.

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This icon indicates that the system is recording continually Continuous Record b. System Search Playback On the main interface, press the button to enter Playback mode. Double click the speed icon or move slider to adjust the playback speed. Move any device to the right Available List to be ready for use.

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This enables or disables network connections. Input the recipient cell phone number. There is, however, a way to get around this flaw. This makes it easy to search a certain area in one camera at fast speeds. This function needs a sound card and speaker to work.

Or wait until the following dialog interface appears. Only the second setup will function. If you would like to apply a watermark feature, omnikey cardman 3x21 pcsc driver for windows 7 click the button and locate the logo you would like to use. Exit and shut down the computer. Click the colorful number to select search date.