Ix2700 Driver For Windows Mac

Copy Lets you access Copy mode. You can select the application from the File Type window according to your needs. From the File menu, select Print.

Reset the network configuration back to the factory default settings. To return to the imagidtics default settings, click the Default button.

User Interface User interface In the Sending tab, select user interface. Optional Accessories Optional accessories Memory board The memory board is installed on the main controller board inside the machine. Wait for the machine to cool down before you touch the internal parts of the machine. Page While pressing the paper-guide release lever, slide the paper guide to fit the paper size.

Imagistics ix2700 User Manual

The Copy buttons are automatically linked to the default Windows printer driver. Help List how to quickly program your machine. Pull out the drum unit assembly.

Other telephones on the same line will ring. You can select the scanner settings from each of the Scan Type options for the Custom buttons. Pull the jammed original out to the right. Specify the number of rings before your machine will attempt to answer the fax. If you want to send a fax to more than one number, click Add after entering the first fax number.

To start scanning your document, click the Scan button in the Scan dialog box. Each section has a number of different buttons which are predefined for the most frequently used applications.

Printer Driver Settings These settings are not available with the Universal printer driver. Accessories Tab Accessories tab The Accessories Tab includes the settings for configuring the printer driver for the size of paper loaded in each paper source. Printer Operation Keys To use this function, ineo 363 drivers you need to set your password in the printer driver dialog box.

Click on the Scan Settings tab and select the appropriate settings. Packing And Shipping The Machine Packing and shipping the machine Whenever you transport the machine, use the packing materials that came with your machine. Search from a list of ix device Click Browse and select the appropriate device you want to use. Simply cut out the card and fold it to fit your wallet or organizer.

This allows you to easily archive your paper documents. Lets you access the Menu to When using the speaker or ring, you program.

Setup number for Setting Groups Continued Broadcasting. Quick Reference Guide The include header option sends an additional page of information along with fax or E-mail data which contains user and imagistics ix information.

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Back view Open the jam clear cover fuser cover. Conditions such as humidity, high temperatures, and so on may cause this print fault.

Imagistics ix2700 usb

Page The fuser cover is open. Select Cover Page Form Select the cover page format you want to use. These settings will stay until you change them again.

Select number of Copies and Media Type. Page Setting You can change the print size of your document with the Scaling feature. Page double-ringing voice calls Memory Security. Page Device Options allows you to select Duplex.

Imagistics ix2700 User Manual

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This is only a preview of the image, so you can see how it will look. To include a background with the Date and Time select Opaque.

Imagistics ix Fax mode Before sending faxes, make imagistics ix is illuminated in green. In the Address Book dialog box, click the icon to create a Group. Most number keys have three or four letters printed above them.

Select the portion you want to scan by clicking the left mouse button and dragging it over the area. This starts the process of uploading the data to the machine and exiting the remote setup program. Select the file type for the saved image by selecting from the Format pull down list. Be sure to seal the drum unit tightly so toner powder does not spill out of the unit.

Remote Retrieval Access The ability to access your machine remotely from a touch tone phone. All sides should be properly folded without any wrinkles or creases. Choosing Acceptable Paper Choosing acceptable paper We recommend that you test paper especially special sizes and types of paper on the machine before purchasing large quantities.

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Imagistics ix2700 usb

Watermark You can place a logo or text into your document as a Watermark. Right-click the Copy and click on Configuration. The Scan pane appears in the left panel. You can choose the mode that best suits your needs. The Scan Action tab is set to E-mail and should not be changed.

Page Press and slide the paper-width guide to fit the envelope size. Type the name of the file, and then select Save.